Custom Wooden Overhead Doors Combine Strength And Elegance For Your House

Designer Garage Doors

Custom wood garage doors are a statement of your superior choice and exclusive preferences. They are made in different styles, each one unique in its appeal and beauty. These specially crafted wooden doors are selective in their usage and are mostly found in mansions and palatial buildings.

Custom wood garage doors are the latest statements of aesthetic architecture in this part of the world and are gaining in popularity by the day. There are specialized wooden garage door makers spread over entire United States catering to the needs of customers since decades. The styles of these garage doors range from squared and arched top, double and single customized varieties, without or with glass, to swing types. Swinging wooden doors are a universal favorite among house owners. This garage door type lends a rustic appearance to your home. A varnish finish is most attractive for swinging garage doors.

Custom wood garage doors speak volumes of your taste and preferences. Only if you have an eye for all things classical would you opt for a wooden garage door. With rich carvings or elaborate decorations, these wooden doors stand out among all other classes. The best thing about these garage doors is that they are manufactured on order. Many door makers take the help of designers and architects to design the perfect door for your garage. Elaborate carvings are often made as per your preferences.

Custom wood garage doors are built to withstand a wind force of approximately 120 miles per hour and conform to the standards set by different state building authorities. There are certain door categories powerful enough to withstand hurricanes lashing at even 140 miles per hour.

If desired, these custom wood garage doors could be operated with openers with remote connectivity. Transmitters fitted to the door opener would enable you to open or shut your garage door with the help of a remote. A hinged door with a swing out operation is a delightful addition to your home. You could also get an old fashioned carriage door made for your garage.

If you are interested in learning more about these distinctive custom built garage doors, speak to the overhead garage door and opener company near you.  They will be able to apprise you of all the available varieties and styles.


Things To Consider When Choosing An Overhead Door

Garage Door Buyers Information

Garage doors are an integral part of modern day homes. Present day garages apart from being used as car space are also put to other uses. Garages are often used as studios, utility rooms, or workshops. With the use of garage doors getting diversified it is vital to have a sturdy and durable overhead garage door. Selecting the appropriate garage door depends on a number of factors like material, size, durability, security and support.

Material of your garage door is a key consideration while making your purchase. For overhead door varieties metals and fiber are preferred. Among metals steel is the most popular metal used in making overhead garage doors. These doors are powerful and maintained easily. Steel being a durable material has a lengthy life and requires less maintenance.

Fiber glass garage doors are gaining in popularity because of their attractive price against performance ratio as compared to metal and wooden doors. Wooden doors however, are not used for the overhead variety. Being insensitive to climatic conditions, fiber glass doors can withstand extremes of heat and cold, dryness and humidity. Compared to steel doors they are much lighter and easier to install. As overhead garage doors are dependent on the functioning of springs a lighter door requires a spring of much less torsion as compared to steel doors.

Both metallic and fiber garage doors are available in insulated varieties. Insulated garage doors are particularly useful in places with extreme climatic conditions. Garages in most homes are not only used for parking cars but also as utility rooms or workshops. As such they need to have a conducive interior for working. In extreme cold weather an insulated door helps to keep the inside warm and suitable for working. Overhead garage doors are available in single layer insulation and double layered insulations. The choice depends on your requirement and preference.

Security is another key consideration of buying a garage door. Steel doors are obviously more secured than fiber glass varieties. However an insulated fiber glass door is reasonably sturdy. In case you use your garage as a workshop or studio it is vital to keep it well secured and insulated.

An insulated steel overhead garage door provides the maximum security not only to your car but also to your entire house as the garage is also a point of entry to your house. A double side insulated fiber garage door also offers reasonably good protection against miscreants and inclement weather.

Overhead Garage Doors That Are Safe For The Planet

Green Garage Doors

Environmentally friendly garage doors are slowly and steadily replacing traditional metallic and wooden doors. Ease of installation, long life, lesser maintenance, and environment protection are the main reasons why increasing number of people are choosing eco-friendly garage doors. These garage doors are either of metallic or non-metallic varieties. The non-metallic kind is made from wood byproducts while the metallic one from composite steel.

Eco-friendly garage doors made from non-metallic substances include wood fiber, wood pulp and rejected wooden materials. With wax and resins added in definite proportions to wood pulp and fiber a product is manufactured which has the appearance of wood but without its drawbacks. After proper treatment and mixing this material is resistant to moisture and generally remains unaffected by climatic conditions. It does not warp, bend or split like ordinary wood.

Not only wood by products, environmentally friendly garage doors could also be made from metallic compounds. Composite steel is one such material used extensively for making eco-friendly garage doors. As compared to non-metallic materials this is sturdier and durable. With proper powder coating and painting the longevity of these metallic garage doors increases considerably.

Insulated steel doors are of two kinds: one side insulation and double sided insulation. In places where climatic conditions are severe a double insulated garage door is preferable to a single side insulated door. Another advantage of using an insulated door is its longevity. Eco-friendly garage door exteriors are made of recycled newsprint impregnated with resin which gives it a distinctive appearance. Within the two exterior layers lies a filling of Douglas and fir wooden scraps mixed evenly with wax and resin.

This insulation has a number of benefits. It increases the life of the eco-friendly door as it is largely non-reactive to external weather conditions. Thus wearing that might be caused because of climatic forces is minimized. Secondly being resistant to ultra violet rays these insulated doors do not fade easily and the appearance remains unaltered for many years.

Another distinct advantage of an insulated eco-friendly garage door is its ability to maintain warmth and comfort inside the garage. A garage in many homes is put to multiple uses and is not merely meant for keeping cars. Workshops, studios, party room, and play room are some of the uses of modern day garages. In very cold places, an insulated garage door prevents the inside of the garage from getting uncomfortable.

Things To Try If Your Overhead Door Won’t Open

Overhead Door Troubleshooting

When your garage door does not open it causes considerable stress more so if you are in a hurry. A garage door has attachments of mechanical and electrical parts which work in perfect synchronization for its proper functioning. A couple of suspension springs on either side of the door, a torque spring at the door top, a chain pull or belt pull system, door rollers, and a guiding track for the door comprise the mechanical parts. These mechanical parts are found in all garage doors and could be operated manually.

Check the power cable connections of the door opener and the electric motor. Usually all connections of your house and garage are of ‘ground fault circuit interrupter’ (GFCI) type, which implies that all appliances are connected to one circuit. All the plug connections should be checked and tightened. Power supply could also be interrupted by circuit breakers. Even after having all electrical connections set up properly the garage door fails to open the defect might lie in the door opener or the electric motor.

The door opener receives impulses from a remote control on to sensors. Any damage in these would cause the opener to become inactive. During such times the opener is to be disengaged by pulling an emergency release system. Until the door opener or the motor is rectified the garage door is to be shut and opened manually.

The mechanical parts of a garage door are the torsion and supporting springs, lifting belts or chain, guiding track and door rollers. The electrical components include a door opener, an electric motor, sensors and a transmitter. All these individual parts need to be functional for smooth operation of your garage door.

It might happen that the door does not open when you press the transmitter. There could be a number of reasons for this. The foremost check is to be done for your door opener. This is an electrical device connecting the motor to the pulley system of your door. On receiving signals from transmitters the door opener activates the motor and the door is lifted up or brought down by the pulley system.

If after trying these basic troubleshooting tips you still cannot get your garage door to open, it is recommended to contact an authorized Sacramento overhead door service contractor.

Overhead Door Replacement

A Guide to Replacing Your Overhead Door

Sacramento Garage DoorsReplacing your garage door becomes imperative when it either gets damaged of needs an improvement. This improvement could be to augment the appearance of your house or to increase the security of your garage. In many instances a garage is put to several uses rather than only for parking your car. It is not uncommon to use your garage as a studio, workshop, play room or party room. After your garage is transformed into a utility room it becomes necessary to change your garage door.

Enhancement of you home’s appearance could be an important reason for replacing your garage door. An attractive garage door having similarity with other doors and windows of your house lends a visual appeal. A house with an attractive garage door fetches more price as compared to one without any such doors. It is a known fact that replacing your old and damaged garage door with a new one would substantially increase the market value of your home.

A key reason for having your garage door replaced is when the utility of your garage becomes multiplied. Present day garages are used as workshops, studio, utility room, or play room. As your garage is converted into a utility room its security needs to be improved. Further if you are staying in an extreme climatic zone, the insulation of your garage door must be augmented. Or else, it would not be possible to spend long hours in your utility room in severe winter conditions.

For better insulation of your garage or utility room it is better to use an insulated door as compared to a non-insulated one. An insulated garage door helps to retain the warmth of your working space inside the garage. Depending on the severity of local climate you could install door with single side insulation or double sided insulation.

A garage door also acts as a protection against burglars and thieves. Get your old manually operated door replaced with a transmitter controlled one. A garage door operated electronically is more secured than a traditional heavy wooden door. Both metal and fiber glass doors are now operated with the aid of transmitters. These doors if of the insulated kind offer considerable resistance against damages by burglars.

All About Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers Offer Security And Convenience

Overhead doors are now sold widely because of their security and convenience features. A few years ago garage door openers were thought of as redundant and sold at very high prices. However with passage of time doors have become a necessity and are installed in most garage doors.

A garage door has two main functions: convenience and security. On installing a overhead door you need not have to manually open or shut it. Free hand operation saves a lot of time and makes parking your taking out your car a matter of convenience. The second purpose of a door opener is enhanced security. In many cases a garage door is used as an entrance to your house. Hence it is obvious to have it properly secured.

A garage opener works with three types of mechanisms, chain drive type, belt drive kind, and screw drive variety. The chain drive type is most widely sold because of its low price. However the drawback of this system is its sound emission. To remove the hazard of chain pulley system you could install a belt drive kind instead. This almost soundless system is priced higher as compared to the other two varieties. A screw drive arrangement is placed somewhere between the other two both price wise and performance wise.

A garage door opener is always fitted on the top exactly at the middle with the mounting bracket installed 2 to 3 inches higher. The unit motor is also centered in between the overhead door tracks. The motor is connected to an electrical outlet with a control switch. Care must be taken to keep the control switch above the reach of children. The infra red transmitters are fixed on either side of the door 6 inches from the ground. These sensors are then connected to the unit motor at the top of the assembly.

For installing garage door opener hire a professional as this is a critical job. Specialized tools and expert hands are mandatory in putting up and maintaining a garage door. Further, an expert would understand the exact mechanism of your garage door opener and might suggest appropriate models.

For improving security of the garage door you may use insulated materials. Garages now are not only meant for keeping cars but also as a play room, party room or workshop. In cold season it should remain warm and comfortable as long hours might be spent here. Insulated doors provide the perfect protection against severe rain, snow, or storm.

Replacing Overhead Door Springs

Sacramento Garage Door Repair

Garage doors also deteriorate just like any other furniture or equipment. The usually replaced part is the torsion spring and replacing it is not that easy especially if you are inexperienced. It may cause damage to property or serious injury so you may consult professional repairman for garage doors concern.

To give you an idea of its mechanism, the torsion spring is what brings up the garage door and you must be extra careful when replacing it. For those who have experience fixing the broken parts of a garage door or replacing the springs, doing the tasks below may be simple. However, professional help is encouraged to ensure safety and quicker fix.

To safely replace the garage door springs, always assume that the spring might break as you unwind or wind them and that the cone might slip or explode when you unwind or wind them. To avoid these, clutch the bars firmly on the ends afar from the cones and your body. Also, ensure that you are standing on a very secure ladder. Always keep your hands from thee cone so that winding bars can’t reach your body parts and clothes. By following these steps, you can safely replace the garage door springs.

Just before setting the springs loose, make a winding bar for each hole of each cone. Some winding cones have inconsistent holes sizes so professional assistance is recommended. Provided that you were able to follow the above steps, you can proceed with the next.

Close the garage door and unplug the power cord to the garage door opener. Disengage the opener and prepare the materials needed. You will need 10″ vise grips, an adjustable wrench, and two 1/2″ X 18″ winding bars, socket wrench, rules and a file. Measures both old and new springs then mark the torsion shaft. Next, unwind the old torsion springs. Loosen and remove the bolts that hold them in the center stationary torsion cones to the spring bracket. Go ahead and replace the springs then reinstall the torsion hardware. Place and wind the new springs and lubricate the garage door. You may then reconnect the opener and plug the power cord.

Since garage doors springs are under tension, right tools and safety procedures are necessary to successfully replace the springs. Instead of relying to yourself, call a professional contractor for help.